Need to repair your leaky home?

Do you have a leaky home or think your house may be leaking? Seccor can help. We specialise in reclads and the repair of leaky homes and buildings.

Seccor works alongside all Industry Professionals and follow specific direction closely. We have the specific knowledge, experience and communication skills needed for remedial projects: attention to detail, ability to read and construct detailed plans, and to be able to comprehend both verbal and written instruction.

Why is my home leaking?

Seccor can advise and arrange contact with Industry Professionals to suit your needs, who can investigate or read existing reports and advise where and why your home is leaking and prescribe how or what is required to repair your home. We can guide you through the process of remedial works toward a healthy home.

Finding a Remediation Specialist or Architect

Seccor has established relationships with Remediation Specialists, Architects and Designers/Draughtsmen whom we have remediated homes with or brought existing homes up to code of compliance standard. We can put you in touch with Specialists and come up with a solution.

Construction Advice

We will happily sit down to discuss construction methods and materials advantages and disadvantages including associated costs to help you get your project of the ground within budget and to meet your needs.

Cost Estimates/Project Feasibility

Once you have your concept plans on paper, our in-house Quantity Surveyor can produce a project feasibility assessment and put together a preliminary estimate of cost to provide you with an indication of your project investment.

Project Cost Management

Once you have your developed design / working drawings, we can provide you with a quote to remediate. At this stage, Seccor can also advise on budgeting and allowances you should have in place for any client-supplied items.

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Together, let’s repair your home.

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