Planning a new build?

Seccor can provide expertise at any or all of these stages:

Finding your Site:

Whether it is your first time buying a section or you have done it before, Seccor can advise on the best section for building your style of home. Ground condition and site contours have a huge impact on the cost to build and the type of home that is suited to the site. Quite often you can save a lot more on your total project by spending a bit more on your section. Things like site orientation and accessibility also play a large part in the design of a healthy, warm, practical home.

Finding a Designer:

Seccor has established relationships with Architects and Designers/Draughtsmen. We will listen to your project specifications/scope and lead you through the construction process to put you in touch with the right professional(s) to suit your project needs.

Construction Advice:

We will happily sit down to discuss construction methods and materials advantages and disadvantages including associated costs to help you get your project off the ground within budget and to meet your needs.

Preliminary Estimate of Cost:

Once you have your concept plans on paper, our in-house Quantity Surveyor can put together a preliminary estimate of cost to provide you with an indication of your project investment.

Project Cost Management:

From your preliminary estimate of cost or your plans we can go through areas of your design / specifications (material selections) and provide methods of reducing your project cost in order to bring it closer to your budget and the reality of your build.


Once you have your developed design / working drawings, we can provide you with a quote to build your dream. At this stage, Seccor can also advise on budgeting and allowances you should have in place for any client-supplied items.

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Together, let’s build your dream.

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